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YOUTH ELIXIR – Replenishing & firming face oil

with more than 10 natural active ingredients
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30 ml

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A high performance oil for the face, neck and décolleté areas, with active natural ingredients.

Nourishes and stimulates cells and deeply restructures the skin. Multilayer skin hydration. Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, offering hydrated, shiny and bright looking skin. Powerful skin protection against free radicals, the sun’s harmful effects and air pollution.

Natural active ingredients that activate the skin’s mechanisms

Organic olive oil: Rich in Vitamins A, Ε and in polyphenols. Acts against free radicals, protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and air pollution. Constitutes a source of trace elements (Ca, Fe, K, Na, Zn, Cu, Mn, Se), necessary for the skin’s vital functions and tissue growth.

Soline™: Rich in high-value unsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols. Nourishes dry skin, restructures the epidermis, regulates its lipid barrier and reinforces its natural protection, while reducing the wash out effect.

VC-IP™: Fat soluble Vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant that inhibits free radicals formation, reduces age spots, whitens the skins, has anti-aging properties, by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, and makes skin smoother and softer.

Organic jojoba oil: Rich in minerals and Vitamin E. Moisturizes skin and strengthens its elasticity, making it supremely soft.

Organic sweet almond and macadamia oils: Oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids that stimulate and hydrate the skin, making it look radiant.

Organic apricot oil: Revitalizing oil, rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, smoothes fine lines, restoring skin elasticity and giving it a healthy glow.

Organic sunflower oil: Moisturizing oil, ideal for dry skin care, offers a smooth texture and a radiant look. Rich in fatty acids, as well as in Vitamins A, B, D and Ε.

Vitamin E: Powerful anti-oxidant.

Juvinity™: Agent of natural origin, which is clinically proven to protect cells against aging, erases wrinkles, restructures skin and visibly improves its appearance.

Collageneer™: Agent of natural origin (INCI: Lupinus Albus Seed Extract) that stimulates collagen production, tightens facial contour and increases skin elasticity. The above mentioned features are well-documented in vivo studies.

Penetrates the skin, without leaving any trace of greasiness.

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