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Men’s toning shampoo for thinning hair

with laurel & pomegranate
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500 ml

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Toning shampoo which helps to effectively control hair loss* and promotes healthy hair growth.

With active ingredients and natural extracts, cleanses the hair with mild surfactant ingredients and provides you with rich, healthy hair with vitality and shine.

Kerastim®, a patented biotechnological derivative of cystine, boosts the metabolism of the keratinocytes of the hair, increases the levels of natural cystine, strengthens and invigorates the hair and fights hair loss* with immediate and visible results.

The combination of laurel and pomegranate extracts, offers toning and astringent properties.

Contains a liquorice derivative to control sebum secretion.

Vitamins B7 and B3, plus the oligoelements offer the necessary nutrients to the root.

* Does not apply to pathological hair loss.

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