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Lifting & contour sculpting night cream

with saffron & carrob
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50 ml

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Rich in plant-derived active ingredients that help firm the skin and lift the facial contour.

With natural saffron extract that boosts communication between the cells, aiming at repairing the proper collagen and elastin formation.

Τhe natural active ingredient from rye provides the skin with mechanical support from the inside and enhances the creation of receptors to increase its mechanical strength.

Artemisia extract helps the differentiation of the cells of the fat tissue, resulting in the reconstruction of the oval shape of the face, which diminishes as we age.

The combination of avocado unsaponifiables and oils, jojoba oil and shea butter reduces the transdermal moisture loss from the skin.

The natural carob tree extract has a similar structure to the hyaluronic acid and offers a sense of hydration that can be immediately felt.

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