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Lifting & contour sculpting night cream

with saffron & carrob
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50 ml

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Night cream rich in plant-derived active ingredients which help restore firmness to skin and redefine face contours by mechanical effects, but also by enhancing the production of collagen and elastin that tend to break down over time. Its composition is based on new-generation emulsifiers of natural origin, giving the cream its pleasant consistency.

Natural active ingredients that activate the skin mechanisms:

Saffron extract enhances transcellular communication, helping to restore the skin’s collagen and elastin production mechanism. Rye-based active ingredients provide support to the epidermis and stimulate the formation of receptors to increase its tolerance to external aggression. Mugwort extract increases the generation of a certain agent responsible for the reproduction of the adipose tissue cells, restoring plumpness to the face where it has been lost as a result of aging. The combination of unsaponified avocado oil, jojoba oil and shea butter reduces transepidermal water loss. The structure of carob tree extract is similar to hyaluronic acid and so it offers an instant moisturizing feeling.

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