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Anti-spot revitalizing face cream

with white tea & algae
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50 ml

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Face cream containing a combination of ingredients which hinder the production of melanin and help your skin to regain an even tone and appearance.  Fights against existing dark spots as well as prevents the formation of new ones. Also, provides protection from sunlight and keeps the skin hydrated.

Natural active ingredients that activate the skin mechanisms:

Due to their high flavonoid content, orange and liquorice extracts hinder the action of the tyrosinase enzyme, helping you to win the battle against dark spots. A hydro-glycolic extract derived from the leaves of a rare plant variety used for making white tea is especially rich in ingredients which contribute to the rebuilding of skin’s structure and to the regaining of a perfect complexion. Another ingredient, derived from a species of red algae (Palmaria palmate) rich in xylose and galactose, inhibits the production of melanin and reduces the formation of proteins which are necessary for the transportation of melanin-containing cells to the keratine layer.

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