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24H Extra repairing & recovery face cream

with apple stem cells & quince
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50 ml

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Face cream with a 24-hour effect for everyday use with special composition that prevents chronological cell aging and keeps skin tightened and moisturized. It combines natural active ingredients derived through contemporary biotechnological, environmentally friendly methods as well as new generation emulsifiers of natural origin that give the cream its pleasant texture.

Natural active ingredients that activate the skin mechanisms:

The specific stem cell culture of a rare apple variety with remarkable anti-aging properties in bioreactors, with the help of trace elements and plant ingredients, as well as their extraction in special liposomes helps epidermic stem cells conserve their self renewal mechanisms thus preventing premature aging. Euglena gracilis extract stimulates the release of calcium to cells, increasing their energy level and, as a result, cellular vitality.

Quince extract is rich in polysaccharides which promote the formation of a hydrolipid film and keep skin hydrated.

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