Hair type: Thin hair
Pr. Code: 1020
500ml e 16.9 fl.oz.

Men’s shampoo against hair loss

with laurel and pomegranate
24,20 €

With active ingredients and natural extracts it cleanses the hair with mild surfactant ingredients, giving rich, healthy hair with vitality and shine.

KerastimTM, a patented biotechnological derivative of cystine, boosts the metabolism of the keratinocytes of the hair, increases the levels of natural cystine, strengthens and invigorates the hair and fights hair loss with immediate and visible results.

With a combination of laurel and pomegranate extracts that have toning and styptic properties for the scalp.

The unique combination of vitamins B7 and B3 and trace elements provides the necessary nutrients and strengthens the hair from the root, making it more resilient.

Apply on wet hair and massage gently into a rich foam. Repeat if necessary. Let the foam stand for 2-3 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. Avoid eye contact.