Hair type: Dry-Dehydrated
Pr. Code: 1709
500ml e 16.9 fl.oz.

Conditioning cream for dry and dehydrated hair

with almond, linseed & olive oil
24,60 €

Enhanced with valuable peptides and plant-derived phospholipids that nourish, moisturize and smooth the dry, dehydrated and tired hair, leaving it shiny, soft and easy to comb.

The special complex of flax, althea and almond is rich in peptides and pectins that help damaged hair to retain moisture, while creating a valuable protective film that keeps the hair smooth and shiny.

The soy lipidic complex is rich in glycolipids, phytosterols and vitamin F that nourish and smooth the hair while reducing split ends.

Apply a small quantity of the cream, after shampooing from the root to the end. Leave it for 2-4 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.