Skin type: All types
Pr. Code: 1853
50ml e 1.69 fl.oz.

Brightening and repairing day cream

with pomegranate flowers and wild pansy
20,60 €

Face cream with active ingredients that reduce wrinkles and smoothe the appearance of expression lines.

It is rich in extracts use a revolutionary mechanism to improve skin hydration, at the same time stimulating the formation of new collagen and protecting the skin from enzymes causing slackening and breaking up of the epidermis.

Its composition is based on new-generation emulsifiers of natural origin, giving the cream its pleasant consistency.

Natural active ingredients that activate the skin mechanisms:

Pomegranate flower extract rich in vitamin C stimulates the formation of new collagen, at the same time preventing the breaking down of existing collagen as well as the formation of metalloproteases, enzymes causing skin slackening and the appearance of wrinkles.

Wild pansy-derived oligosaccharides encourage the formation of aquaporins, channels responsible for the optimum flow of water from the dermis to the epidermis and the latter’s hydration level.

Apply to the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.


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