Skin type: All types
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100ml e 3.52 fl.oz.

Beneficial argan and olive oil

with 100% argan oil
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The combination of beneficial argan and olive oils creates a natural mixture of high value to the body, face, hair, and nails. It is absorbed without leaving oily traces.

Face and neck: Helps reduce acne and freckles. Makes the tone of the skin even and reduces imperfections. Protects from the aging of the skin and prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Regulates the production of sebum on oily skin. Hydrates the skin and revitalizes the cells.

Body: Helps reduce marks and stretch marks, which is why it is recommended for use during and after pregnancy. Softens dry and chapped skin. Increases elasticity and firming of loose skin. Hydrates the skin after sunbathing. It is ideal for use in massa- ges, even on children. Soothes the unpleasant feeling caused by skin diseases, like eczema and psoriasis.

Hair: Hydrates, nourishes and gives shine to dry and tired hair, while protecting it from split ends and the negative effects of the environment, like salt water, chlorinated pool water, sun and air. Strengthens the roots of the hair effectively and relieves the scalp from itchiness.

Nails: Strengthens weak and brittle nails.

Apply a small quantity to face & neck or body or hair or nails according to the instructions. Rinse off or not according to area.


Mineral Oil

Petrolatum/Paraffin Wax



Propylene Glycol

Ethanol Amines


Synthetic Dye




Animal by-products

Animal Testing

Wheat/Nuts (added or traces)



PH Neutral

Suitable for vegetarians