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2018 - Current

OLIVEWAY redesigns all its products and releases appropriate new packages that meet consumer needs.


Our products rise to the top positions in popularity in Greek market. The company and its natural products are now present in retail shops, select pharmacies and shop-in-shop selling points in Greece.


OLIVEWAY launches a new series of beneficial highly efficient oils with 99 - 100% natural content. The elixir face oil with remarkable effects marks the start of new products’ development. OLIVEWAY distributes its products in over 800 destinations worldwide.


OLIVEWAY redesigns all its products by enriching products’ formulas and increasing the percentage of natural content. New revolutionary products are released.


The new laboratory Research and Development is inaugurated to reply to the ever increasing demand for new innovative products. A major innovation of OLIVEWAY’s laboratories, the series “Eco Spa” for hair care and protection, releases.


The entrance of OLIVEWAY company in the international market is a fact, managing to conclude important trade agreements.


The natural cosmetics company named OLIVEWAY is created. The company’s aim is to use the latest technological innovations in cosmetology, in conjunction with the study and deep knowledge of the beneficial properties of plants and herbs of Greek nature.


The herbal creams, which are the first products based on the Mediterranean diet, are launched. In this way, a wide range of innovative products is developed, which earn the appreciation of consumers worldwide.


Eva Chatzipetrou and George Papaioannou prepare at their small laboratory (shop), the first facial creams enriched with organic olive oil and other products such as herbal blends and drinks

Our Philosophy

Oliveway is a Greek natural cosmetics company with passion in exploiting nature’s most precious treasure into natural effective, innovative, high end, beauty and wellness products.

Our inspiration is the most precious gift of nature, the olive tree, the universal symbol of peace and of everlasting power, bringing happiness, purity and harmony.

Corporate and social responsibility

Guided by its own philosophy and values, the company functions with social and ecological responsibility.

Oliveway uses innovative ways for approaching corporate social responsibility: environment, society, culture, market, working environment.

In this way we contribute actively to the development of the Greek society, helping to improve the quality of life for the present and future generations, combining economic growth with social and environmental development.

Oliveway’s philosophy on green components rejects usage of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and preservatives based on parabens in its products.

We use recyclable packaging materials, which have the lowest possible weight and volume.

Our Products

Oliveway products are developed according to the most advanced technology, progressive research. Herbs and biotechnological ingredients through strict clinical and dermatological tests, with the aim of providing maximum safety and best results.

All products of Oliveway are dermatologically tested, parabens, GMO and mineral oil free and authorizes by the National Organization of Medecine and are according to all EU and US rules.

Oliveway is using QACS quality system, which is ISO 17025 accredited, ISO 9001 certified and good laboratory practice (GLP) compliant.

Research and development

Oliveway products are developed according to the most advanced technology and progressive research. Herbs and biotechnological ingredients strict clinically and dermatologically tested, with the aim of providing the maximum safety and the best possible results.

Product analysis

We are commited to highlighting the properties of Greek herbs and plants, using the largest possible percentage of certified organic and natural ingredients, and avoiding chemicals such as mineral oil, silicones, parabens, propylene glycol, etc. These substances are replaced with milder ingredients of natural origin.


Contact Us

Oliveway SA

  96 Archimidous str.,P.O. Box 241, Ind.Zo. Koropi, GR 19400 Greece

  +30 210 965 6924

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