Delivery Information

If your refund is approved, we will process it within seven (7) days of receiving your returned goods, provided that you have returned them to us in their original condition. We will also refund the return postage amount, as long as a receipt for this has been included.

Important information

We kindly ask you to consider the pros and cons of each shipping method. If you choose shipping with tracking, we will provide you with a tracking number to follow the journey of your parcel and if the parcel gets lost, we will re-send it at our cost. If you choose shipping without tracking, you are not able to follow the journey of your parcel and if the parcel gets lost, we are unable to re-send your order at our cost.

How to view my shipping cost?

After you have chosen your products, press “view cart” and you will see the details of your order.

Correct address details

Please take extra care to ensure that the postal address is correct before you pay.

General shipping questions

Why haven’t I received my order yet?

In case your order is shipped with the Hellenic Post, please bear in mind that they are usually very good in dispatching parcels quickly and successfully; however, there are always a handful of parcels that, due to a number of unforeseen variables, take longer to arrive. If this happens, please check with your local post office first to see if they are holding onto your order and have forgotten to leave you a calling card to collect it. In the event that they don’t have your parcel and it has been 7-14 days since we have confirmed posting your order, please contact us and we will look into it.

Can I change my delivery address?

It depends. If you have paid for your order with a credit card, yes. If you have paid using PayPal, unfortunately no. PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy requires us to ship to the address you nominate during the checkout process

What can I do in the event that my product(s) arrived damaged?

Please email us at within 24 hours of receiving your delivery with photos of the damaged state of your product(s) and packaging. For more information regarding this, please see our Returns Policy.