we create high quality natural cosmetics based on all the treasures of the Mediterranean nature

with 100% organic olive oil, for our well-being and joy

About us

We create and develop beauty and wellness products that promote a harmonious lifestyle, based on Greek nature with its rich biodiversity and the olive tree with its high biological value derivatives.

Our inspiration from the beginning of oliveway until today is the precious treasure of Greek nature, the olive tree and its derivatives, which from ancient Greece were used in cosmetics, limited to the use of few and exquisite.

From 2004 until today, the company has developed more than five hundred recipes, containing plant extracts and essential oils, from 25 organic certified plants.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Guided by its philosophy and values, oliveway acts responsibly both in social and ecological matters. We alwaysstrive to find innovative ways to make our part when it comes to environment, society, culture, market, work environment.

Thus, we actively contribute to the development of Greek society, aiming at improving the quality of life for both present and future generations, combining economic development with social and environmental development.

oliveway’s green ingredient philosophy does not consider the use GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and parabens-based preservative regimens in its products. The packaging materials we use are recyclable and in the smallest possible weight and volume.